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link to cover pageBrittany Altendorf, leader
Taylor Gronser, Harding
Nou Chee Khang, Central
Olivia Taylor, Central
Bao Vang, Como
David Xiong, Como


If today was your last day
by Taylor Gronser
Harding Senior High School

writingIf today was your last day,
what would you do?

If today was your last day,
How would you pull through?

If today was your last day,
would you get up and fight for what’s right?

If today was your last day,
wouldn't you want to live it up on
top of the world?

You live your life the way you
want to.
Make a decision. It’s up for
Don’t make today your last day.


If today was your last day Author’s Statement:
Inspired by the song: if today was your last day by Nickelback. Believe in yourself. Believe in what you do. I’m Taylor Gronser and I am a student at Harding High School. My inspiration comes from many different things.



What do you see?
by Nou Chee Khang
Central Senior High School

I live in St. Paul, in MN.
Attend Central High School.
I’m a sophomore.
My hobbies are writing, dancing, and spending time with friends.

writingWhat do you see in these brown chinky eyes?
I’m full of knowledge in my brain
but that’s not what people think and see;
You see me as a quiet shy boring Asian girl.

  If you see me with red hair,
dark make-up on,
eight piercings, ear rings,
a tattoo that says “Nouch” on my chest.
Waiting for my ride at a party
feeling tipsy,
having fun with my girls.
that's who i am.

But….you don’t see it in these chink eyes.
What do you see?
you see scars on my arm
you think i must be emo, and crazy.
you don’t know me, you don’t know what I’ve been thru.
The role of a 16 yr old Asian young lady.
you don’t what I see.
Now can you see?


by Olivia Taylor
Central Senior High School

Curious, creeping, tiny, blonde, little Alice.
Went down the rabbit hole.
Curious, creeping, fragile, little, blonde Alice.
Followed Mr. White Rabbit.
Curious, creeping, silly, little blonde Alice.
Found a bed of flowers upon the mushroom stool.
Curious, creeping, stupid, little Alice.
Came upon a “Tweedly Dee and  Tweedly Dah”.
Curious, creeping, funny, little Alice.
Looking around, found a Cheshire.
Curious, creeping, distracted, little Alice.
Walked through the door and came upon a heart-shaped kingdom.
Curious, creeping, careful, little Alice.
They slandered and squawked at you.
Curious, creeping, flustered, little Alice.
They came at you with oh, dear, little Alice with swords and croquettes.
Curious, creeping, fragile, little Alice.
Then the queen yelled, “OFF WITH HER HEAD!”
Curious, creeping, terrified, little Alice.
You ran and ran, all out of breath until you came upon that door again.
Curious, creeping, exhausted, little Alice.
Through that door you found yourself going.
Curious, creeping, frightened, little Alice.
Until you found yourself falling,
Curious, creeping, falling, little Alice.
Opened your hazy, bloodshot eyes and found yourself dreaming.
Curious, creeping, tiny, blonde, fragile, silly, stupid, funny, distracted, careful, flustered, fragile, terrified, exhausted, frightened, falling, slender, little Alice.


Wonderland Author’s Statement:
My name is Olivia Taylor, I’m formerly from Maplewood, MN. Now I live on the Westside. I am 15 years old, almost 16. I am a 10th grader at Central Senior High School. I like the color purple, I watch Anime, read Manga. The things that inspire me are people, nature, being outside, randomness, life, music, family, friends, animals, good days & bad days.



by Bao Vang
Como Park Senior High School

  • In the photo of the 2 men,
  • race is being judged by what they’re doing.
  • It seems like the African-American guy
  • is more scary
  • A tattoo is an intimidating part of a person.


Stereotypes Author’s Statement:

I go to Como Park Senior High as a sophomore. “2012” St. Paul, Minnesota




Stereotypes &
by Sheng “David” Xiong
Como Park Senior High

writingWe create stereotypes every day without even knowing it. With love, we have to learn to meet the significant other and learn about them before making judgments. Take the saying, “Don’ t judge a book by its cover.” In one of the pictures on display at the Weisman Art Museum, you see a Caucasian man standing and looking at you. He has a tattoo on his left arm. The tattoo may intimidate people, but the second picture has an African-American man holding out his hand and it seems like he is trying to grab you. Although in both pictures the men are wearing ski masks, the African-American man looks more intimidating because he actually looks like he is trying to grab ahold of you. Today’s society has implanted the thought of African-Americans as being an intimidating race. These stereotypes that are made every day disappoint me because a human being should not be judged based on their skin color.

In this world there are a lot of stereotypes like how Asian parents are more strict than any race. Or every Caucasian is rich. Being aware of them may help us to stay away from them.


Stereotypes & Author’s Statement:

My name is David Xiong I am from MN St. Paul. I was inspired because I see a lot of stereotypes everyday and I wanted to show that people making stereotypes are dumb.






by Brittany Altendorf
University of Minnesota