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Gopher Writing Camp 2006

big catchThese middle school participants in the first ever Gopher Writing Camp, sponsored by the Minnesota Writing Project, spent four and a half days engaged in writing experiences. On Tuesday afternoon, students wrote a poem or short story based on the statue "Big Catch" by Judy Onofrio in the collection at the Weisman Art Museum. In a little over three hours students went from a blank piece of paper and a lot of ideas to a finished video with their reading of their own poem as the background.

Students with a completed movie are linked below. Unfortunately, due to a hard drive crash in our already hectically short time frame, the projects of Alexis White, Eva Serbus, Naideane Howard, Ashley Gross, and Zoe Larson were regrettably lost. Even the Geek Squad couldn't recover their movies.




Chiquera Benford“It reminds me of me and my grandma sewing”

Tyshell Bonner—“The Big, Big Catch: A Lesson in Art”

Whitney Bowman“The Confusing Illusion”

Noukue Cha“Their Big Catch”

Joscelyn Chavez“One Night, No Lie”

Ella Darger“Magical Creature”

Kayla Dimock“Getting to Know ‘The Big Catch’”

Deryk Everett“brisseling beach”

Anna Foley“Serpent”

Emmanuel Freeman“His Choice”

Sarah Froelich“Scale Deep”

Trishanna Hill-Burns“The Nice Art Piece”

Brianna Ives“Catch of the Loch”

Myasia Johnson“The Unique Reptile”

Ericka Jones“It Reminds Me Of”

Shahla Mirbaghri“!!Exploding!!”

Michaela Mittelstaedt“Serpent Devouring”

Taylor Moore“Mangled Beauty”

Kayeon Moyongo“Big Catch”

Michelle Ndely“What's You See”

Carisa Opdahl“Ghostly Serpents”

Meghana Prasad“Big Mistake”

Marcus Smith“Dragon-Snake”

Edwin Togar“Snake Lizard”

Pashie Vang“My Punishment”

Faline Williams“My Little Brother, the Big Catch”