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2018 Writing for Social Justice


Learn more about the Writing for Social Justice summer institute here.


(no image available)Brandon Aldrich

Writing: To John Donne



image of fellowBrittany Benson

Writing: My People II, Language, Now You Don't, Scarcity, Sidereal
Lesson Plan: Pre-Pygmalion Unit Plan: Language, Identity, & Power


image of fellowTodd Brandon

Writing: Bubble of Privilege
Lesson Plan: Opening to This Week's Writing Project!

image of fellowKatie Carter

Lesson Plan: Science and the Power of Names


image of fellow

Aaron Liebo

Lesson Plan: [untitled]


image of fellowHannah Masterton

Lesson Plan: To Kill a Mockingbird, Mass Incarceration, and Student Activism


image of fellow

Jill Merkle

Lesson Plan: Journal Entries for Social Change



Christina Perault Boughton

Writing: Ode to My Brown Skin Babies
Literature Review: Using Critical Race Theory to Understand and Reach Students of Color

image of fellowTricia Sauer

Writing: Garden Food
Lesson Plan: Finding Our Voice

image of fellowMolly Schned

Lesson Plan: Systems and Power: School

image of fellowLeyla Suleiman

Writing: Montage of Learning to Thrive


image of fellowCasey Treat

Writing: Forms of Activism: Thoughts on Presenting Social Justice Activism in a High School Classroom
Lesson Plan: Activism Primer

image of fellowTanya Wacholz

Writing: High Elf Rogue
Lesson Plan: Welcome to 8th Humanities!