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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2014

Dana AmdahlDana Amdahl

Writing: He Wants to Save Me, Dammit
Demonstration: Using Blogs in Composition Class, or Writing for an Audience Who Is
Not My Teacher (.pdf file)


Sarah BassettSarah Bassett

Writing: Practice Parenting
Demonstration: Socratic Seminar Discussions (.pdf file)


Anne Sawyer BeachAnne Sawyer Beach

Writing: Extreme Angle-Sampras-Bam; Four Friends, One Mountain (digital story)
Demonstration: Write a Poem—Off You Go! (Using a Mentor Text and Modeling) (.pdf file)


Greg Dahlstrom

Greg Dahlstrom

Writing: A Teacher’s Protocol
Demonstration: T-Notes and Interpretive Writing (.pdf file)



Jessica Holt EmeryJessica Holt Emery

Writing: Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Food Life
Demonstration: Modeling Writing for Expression: Watermark Event Piece (.pdf file)



Lee FisherLee Fisher

Writing: D is for Dough. Break bread if you please.
Demonstration: Student Choice and Photo Essays (.pdf file)



Kat JordahlKat Jordahl

Writing: The Tiny Woman Who Was a Giant in Our Lives
Demonstration: Character Journeys in Othello (.pdf file)



Kristen KonopKristen Konop

Writing: The Color of Honey
Demonstration: Storyboarding as a Pre-writing Activity (.pdf file)



Lanka LiyanapathiranageLanka Liyanapathiranage

Writing: Paper Boats
Demonstration: Conversations of Peace (.pdf file)



Holly LoiselleHolly Loiselle

Writing: First Impressions
Demonstration: Theme Support (.pdf file)


Kate MabelKate Mabel

Demonstration: Thriving with Poetry: Giving Students Tools to Think, Talk, and Write about Poems (.pdf file)

Robyn Dettling MadsonRobyn Dettling Madson

Writing: This Time Will Be Even Better; Drug Narrative
Demonstration: PhilosoFriday (.pdf file)


Katie Murphy-OlsenKatie Murphy-Olsen

Writing: Sitting in a Chandelier
Demonstration: Introduction to My Narrative Story (.pdf file)


Cory PedersenCory Pedersen

Writing: The Entry
Demonstration: Multi-paragraph Essay (.pdf file)


Molly SchnedMolly Schned

Writing: An Encounter  
Demonstration: Inspiring Original Student Voice with ArtsLiteracy (.pdf file)



Laura StelterLaura Stelter

Writing: Bus Sisters
Demonstration: Access Points: Inviting Students into Complex Texts (.pdf file)