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Emily Meisler


Photo of reading at celebrationFlash Fiction Sample

He lay down in the backseat, belly full of roadside beef tacos and guacamole. The Professors said that today’s was the most authentic. In the front, the Professors began to argue again, their conversation about tonight’s upcoming party getting louder until they weren’t really talking about dinner at all. He wondered about that next meal, hoped they would feed him again, and worried about exactly how long $475 would stretch. He hadn’t met any girls yet. It seemed unlikely, constantly begging for rides, living on the inflatable mattress in their spare office, that he would ever again talk to anyone under the age of 50. The desert stretched in front; it seemed impossible that they were only 45 minutes from the beach’s frigid water. The books in the backseat shifted under his weight and he loosened his seatbelt. The professors stopped arguing. The car swerved.