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Bianca Suglia

photo of Bianca reading©2012

The leaves I stepped on at dawn,
I could not see.
Sinking under my soles,
where have I been?

Pain is a station with no passengers,
a heart without strong beats,
an unshed tear.

Stirring the life whirlpool of mysteries, passions, perceptions
Mirror of human nature

Diving into the invisible heart secrets
to decipher all confusions
between the words of the mind and the needs of the soul

Serene and transparent
A fragile path we need to take at times

before we can raise again

brilliant and free.



On carrying on

You cannot feel life by giving up or guessing your way out of its mysterious gardens
You cannot carry on unless you learn to decode the intricacies of this forgotten, yet elegant, tango
You cannot move leisurely through the world unless your spirit stays open and alert
So, let us all carry on…through the maze and steep mountains, the depth of the ocean waves and those rainless clouds
Carry on….as you reconnect with the source of bliss within
Carry on….by polishing the windows of your heart with rays of hope and drops of tenderness
Just stand in brightness and carry on by replenishing your spiritual well and becoming the main character in your story
Carry on… by embracing the magnitude of your destiny, its written and unwritten plots, the love stories, their surprises and revelations
Relearn the steps of the tango, let the pain dissolve, as you observe a clean and vibrant soul emerge:
                                          STANDING IN BLOSSOM, 
                                                                LOVE REMAINS ETERNALLY RELEVANT.