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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2012

Katie BelangerKatie Houlihan Belanger

Writing: Remembering
Demonstration: Campfire Memories: Introducing the Writing Process with a Focus on Revision (.pdf file)


Mindy ChristiansonMindy Christianson

Writing: Minnesotans like their water, don'tcha know?
Demonstration: Roadside Poetry (.pdf file)



Elisabeth Haen

Elisabeth Haen

Writing: Just Shut up and Direct Me
Demonstration: Silent Conversation (.pdf file)



Iris Hansson MyranIris Hansson Myran

Writing: Sandsøy
Demonstration: The Night Walker(.pdf file)



Josh HirmanJosh Hirman

Writing: Untitled
Demonstration: Radio Journals: Finding Story and Voice through Writing, Revision, and Recording (.pdf file)


Clara HutchinsonClara Hutchinson

Writing: Invisible Classroom Conversation
Demonstration: Active Brainstorming (.pdf file)



Stephen KennedyStephen Kennedy

Writing: Assimilation
Demonstration: Flipping Your Classroom (.pdf file)



Rebekah LundRebekah Lund

Writing: Porcelain
First Day at Riverview High
Demonstration: Paint Chip Poetry (.pdf file)


Erin MohrErin Mohr

Writing: Dinnertime
Demonstration: Red, Blue, Green Paragraph (.pdf file)


Sonja OlsonSonja Olson

Writing: Reviews and Questions for a Multicultural Classroom Library
Demonstration: Poetry through the Class and Social Power Lens (.pdf file)

Angela OsujiAngela Osuji

Writing: Ima Akwa
The Hallway
Demonstration: Design an Element Mini Book Project (.pdf file)

Kara ScheidKara Scheid

Writing: Adventuring in Bolivia
Demonstration: Using Mentor Text (Love that Dog) as a Springboard into Poetry  (.pdf file)

Kristin-Irene SivertsenKristin-Irene Sivertsen

Writing: Untitled
Demonstration: From Food to…. (.pdf file)


Cherise Storlie-KristoffersenCherise Storlie-Kristoffersen

Writing: Becoming a Writer


Bianca SugliaBianca Suglia

Writing: Fragility/Hope
On Carrying On
Demonstration: A City in the World: A Descriptive Essay with a Persuasive Twist (.pdf file)


Jessie TierneyJessie Tierney

Writing: Of Two Sisters



Grethe Vikenp-MoksnesGrethe Viken-Moksnes

Writing: Free as a Bird?
Demonstration: Nonfiction-Text/Personal Description-Text of a Frog (.pdf file)



Josh WetjenJosh Wetjen

Writing: Stuck There
Demonstration: Screaming Trees! (.pdf file)