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Zachariah Prowell

zachariah prowell reading©2011

Cycling Pedaled Thoughts

Gears clicking into position
Break pads slowing, pausing, and
stopping progress
Chain gripping teeth to
propel things back into motion.

Which way to turn?
When to pulse the hand brake?
How to dig down for needed strength?
What obstacles to anticipate?
Where will this journey take me?

The wind is steadily blowing
Whether self-made or natural.
Noises melt into a stream
of orchestrated hum.
A stream of conscious and
Focus now takes over.
Where will this journey take me?

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Dylan’s Diner

It’s not often you find a diner the size of a railroad boxcar in a busy metropolis. Nestled between a trendy coffee shop and an empty store looking for a tenant is this little carved out oasis playing Bob Dylan in the background. It’s no wider than the length of an old school Volkswagen Beetle that just passed by; you almost have to duck to get in. It all lends to a magical essence. You feel as if you found something that the rest of the world has yet to discover. Who knows, maybe it’s reserved for special souls who happen to stop by. Bob Dylan could have found inspiration in a place like this. However, a wall of foreign currencies intermingling with sentimental dollars proves people from all over are aware of this exceptional existence, adding even more to this unique place dripping with character. The proprietor Al is also the one flipping jacks and sizzling the bacon. I’m sure there were countless eggs cracked and coffees poured, but each one is made just for you.

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