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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2011

Jacqueline ArnoldJacqueline Arnold

Writing: Apology
Demonstration: Multi-genre Writing: The Writing Portfolio Assignment (.pdf file)


Carmen BarboneCarmen Barbone

Writing: The Toad Conciliation
Demonstration: From Narrative to Poetry (.pdf file)



JoAnn Blatchley

JoAnn Blatchley

Writing: On the beach at Chennai
Demonstration: I AM WILD: Using Figurative Language (.pdf file)



Patricia CorcoranPatricia Corcoran

Writing: Address to a Strawberry in the Genetics Lab
Music of the North Country
Aliens Arise From Earthly Lab?
Whispering Into the Air
Demonstration: Using Social Media to Debate the Reintroduction of Gray Wolves to
Yellowstone National Park (.pdf file)


Leslie GeisslerLeslie Geissler

Writing: Budging
Demonstration: Interdisciplinary Unit with Civics and ELL—Using Anticipatory Guides (.pdf file)



Kristin GiffordKristin Gifford

Writing: Marriage in January
National Zombie Pub Crawl, Minneapolis
Demonstration: Show Some Character! (.pdf file)



Marie HansenMarie Hansen

Writing: The Top Five Reasons Why My Job as a High School Teacher is Like a Reality Show
Demonstration: Voice Out/Voice In: Developing Personal Voice (.pdf file)



Anthony JacobsAnthony Jacobs

Writing: Leaving Grace
Demonstration: Embodying Your Author and Finding Metaphorical Significance in a Vignette from Their Life (.pdf file)


Jen KohanJen Kohan

Writing: Undercover
Limited Time Only
Cover Your Ears and Close Your Eyes
Demonstration: Using Models—Writing Poetry (.pdf file)


Katie KunzKatie Kunz

Writing: What I Remember
Demonstration: Forbidden and Freed Fragments (.pdf file)

Janice LavenJanice Laven

Writing: Nightcrawler Hunting
Demonstration: How to Introduce Peer Conferencing (.pdf file)


Stephanie LundorffStephanie Lundorff

Writing: Mean, Mean, Menopause
Demonstration: Writing the Prairie—Diction and Author Perspective  (.pdf file)

René MontgomeryRené Montgomery

Writing: The Gift of a Fighting Spirit
Demonstration: Pre-Reading Strategies Focusing on Probable Passages (.pdf file)


Zachariah ProwellZachariah Prowell

Writing: Cycling Pedaled Thoughts
Dylan’s Diner
Demonstration: Revision through Modeling Clay (.pdf file)


Julie StauberJulie Stauber

Writing: Senior Year
The Rink
Demonstration: Creative Inspirations (.pdf file)


Cary YangCary Yang

Writing: The Thai Fisherman
Demonstration: How Do You Use Mentor Text in the Primary Classroom? (.pdf file)