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Maria Theissen


Maria Theissen

otra vez

strangely familiar,

if oddly combined -

stratification of sarape slung over stretched skin -

(pero, el toro ?)

set together

- entiendo -

stain of melted tears rivaling the warp of intense heat


is this how you managed?)

dutiful wife,

concentrating on the whole,

drying fears with sturdy predictability,

pressing on despite dolor y los cuernos.


Did the resin hold you fast, abuelita?

brave face

Was there time

to approximate comfort

before the liquid cemented your future?

When babies came, pink skins clutched to your brown breast,


lagrimé...todos los dias.

(y cuando yo nací, hizo llorar o alegrarse por mi cuerpo marrón?)

te has ido, pero vives.

mi piel luce tus recuerdos.