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Kristin Davis


Kristin Davis


Pulling in the dusty driveway,
bracing myself as the wheels bounce
through the pot holes formed from many visits,
I feel this sense of calm wash over me.

The roses look beautiful,
in full summer bloom.
The smell of boat fuel and campfires
lingers in the air.

Peaking around the house,
I can see the lake buzzing
with boaters, skiers, tubers-
Fisherman casting in hopes of hooking
treasured walleye.

Unpacking the heaps of suitcases
is far from the mind.
Trucking down the steep railroad tie steps,
down, down, down to the beach-
Attracted to the water like bees
to freshly sliced watermelon.

We just need to dip our tired feet
into the cool, crisp water for a second…
Something about the lake takes us away.
Away from the stress, away from the noise,
away from the hustle and confining structure of life.
Worries lift away with the blue herons gentle glide.

Kicks and splashes are magnified
by giggles that echo across the shoreline.
Come in and play
the waves sing
as they lap against the rocky edge.

What is it about this place
so magical and free?
Lifting up my spirits
And allowing me to trudge on
In the daily dance of life.
Just not today…just not now.