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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2010

Denise BadeDenise Bade

Writing: My Garden
Demonstration: How Do You Use Mentor Texts in the Primary Classroom? (.pdf file)


Tess BademanTess Bademan

Writing: Inheritance
Demonstration: Using Book Talks and Book Trailers to Create a Community of Readers (.pdf file)



Charles Barniskis

Charles Barniskis

Writing: 23 Overflows and Spills
Demonstration: Reverse Outlining (.pdf file)


Elizabeth BarniskisElizabeth Barniskis

Writing: Red, White, and Blue
Demonstration: What Stories Do Our Scars Tell? (.pdf file)


Kimberly ColbertKimberly Colbert

Writing: 1959 Girls
Demonstration: ArtsLiteracy Community Building and Entering Text: an introduction to The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (.pdf file)


Jamie CrandallJamie Crandall

Writing: What I remember of fear
Paddles and Puddles
Demonstration: Fiction Pre-writing: Thinking on Your Feet (.pdf file)


Kristin DavisKristin Davis

Writing: Freedom
Demonstration: Using VoiceThread to Publish Student Writing (.pdf file)


Cheryl GunnessCheryl Gunness

Writing: Produce Garden, July



Heidi JonesHeidi Jones

Writing: where I'm from
Demonstration: Utilizing Four Corners to Amplify Claims, Refutations and Accommodations (.pdf file)


Erin MooreErin Moore

Writing: Kitty Cat Victory
Demonstration: Exploring Comics as a Literary Form for Reading & Writing (.pdf file)

Kim MooreKim Moore

Writing: untitled
Demonstration: Watermelon Stories to Seed Stories (.pdf file)


Karen PalmenKaren Palmen

Writing: In This Place We Call Home...Sarah and Grammy—"The Ghetto"
Demonstration: Nine Square Your Story with the Plotline (.pdf file)

Alex PappAlex Papp

Writing: Encountering Sathya
Demonstration: Words (.pdf file)


Jennifer PetersonJennifer Peterson

Writing: found poem
Grandpa's Hands
Demonstration: Using Play-Doh to Teach the Writing Process (.pdf file)

Sandra SandbergSandra Sandberg

Writing: Cousin Claude
Demonstration: Using STAR to Teach Revision (.pdf file)


Cherise Storlie-KristoffersenCherise Storlie-Kristoffersen

Writing: Grandma Frances
6 word memoirs
The Effects of Analytic Assessment on Writing Instruction


Molly SwiderskiMolly Swiderski

Writing: Maureen
Demonstration: Courage: First Steps in Writing a Personal Narrative (.pdf file)


Maria TheissenMaria Theissen

Writing: otra vez
Demonstration: Where I’m From: Giving Voice to the Threads that Comprise the Fabric of Our Lives (.pdf file)