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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2009

Theresa BehnkeTheresa Behnke

Writing: Unexpected Reunion
Demonstration: Poetry “Model” Lesson: Multiple Readings and Discussion to Support Deep Understanding (.pdf file)



Karla BiscoKarla Bisco

Writing: Being Good
Demonstration: Peer Conference as Conversation (.pdf file)



Julie Blenkush

Julie Blenkush

Writing: Snapshots
Demonstration: Discovering Your Voice in Writing (.pdf file)


Brenda ButlerBrenda Butler

Writing: The Eggplant of Murano
Demonstration: Prequel or Sequel: Looking at art as a moment in time. Writing the Before and After Lesson(.pdf file)


picture of a fossilLouise Glensloin

Writing: Women Who Strode
Demonstration: Fossil Footprint Activity: Formulating Scientific Explanations (.pdf file)


Mary KirchhofMary Kirchhof

Writing: Rita Anne
He's Beautiful
Demonstration: Wisdom Within—A Practical Protocol for Problem Solving (.pdf file)


Debi KrengelDebi Krengel

Writing: Armistice
Demonstration: Strategy Instruction: Prewriting (.pdf file)


Kelly LangdonKelly Langdon

Writing: She Plays by Herself
Demonstration: Responding to Student Writing: Teacher Writing Conferences (.pdf file)


Lauren McClainLauren McClain

Writing: Shillelagh
Demonstration: Quickwrites (.pdf file)


Anne MoeningAnne Moening

Writing: Life on a Tar Road
Demonstration: Words That Stick: Using Precise Language in Writing (.pdf file)

Suzanne MyhreSuzanne Myhre

Writing: Maria's Serious Saturday
Demonstration: Chicken or Egg: How Do Our Childhood Experiences Determine Who We Are or Who We Will Become? (.pdf file)


Isa PunchardIsa Punchard

Writing: Your Absence
Close Call
Demonstration: Writing Through Blogs (.pdf file)


Stephanie RollagStephanie Rollag

Writing: Piecing it Together
Demonstration: Dig a Little Deeper into Media Literacy: Writing to Think (.pdf file)


Julia ShepherdJulia Shepherd

Writing: Currently Evolving
Who Is She?
Demonstration: Learning to Write Dialogue/Memoir Brainstorming (.pdf file)

Deb StortzDeb Stortz

Writing: The Fjords of Norway
Demonstration: Revising with Sentence Stretchers (.pdf file)


Lisa VogelLisa Vogel

Writing: Stroke of Time
Demonstration: How to Create a Video Podcast (.pdf file)


Natasha WegnerNatasha Wegner

Writing: untitled
Demonstration: Unpacking the Evidence (Evidence vs Inference) (.pdf file)


Kelsey WolfKelsey Wolf

Writing: Getting Lost
Demonstration: Morning Meeting, Letters in Our Name (.pdf file)