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Sean Fleming


That Awesome Loose Tooth Daysean fleming

“My tooth is loose!” I told my mom,
“This time there is no doubt!”
My older brother smiled at me,
I’ll help you get it out.”

He grabbed the football as he called,
inviting me to play.
Outside we went to horse around
that awesome loose-tooth day.

Pretending to be quarterback
he scrambled on the grass.
I swerved and sped both long and deep
to catch his touchdown pass.

I had not taken yet two steps
when suddenly it hurt.
The pointy football smacked my head
and face into the dirt.

“What the heck!” I yelled at him
and brushed away the grime.
Open up! Oh, it’s still there.
Your tooth still needs some time.”

I shook my head and walked away
from Joe my stupid brother.
I didn’t get far, he tackled me;
I cried out for my mother!

Did you know that Joe is tall?
He grabbed me by my feet.
Then as I swayed from Joe’s strong arms
he kicked me with his cleat.

Out Darn Tooth!” he gently cussed,
his face turned angry red.
The tooth stayed put, he walked away,
I landed on my head.

At last a break from sibling taunts,
this warmish day of spring.
I stared in fright when Joe returned
with many bits of string.

Oh brother dear now here’s a plan,
 although you might be wary.
With loops and doors I’ll loose your tooth
and bring the good Tooth Fairy.

He grabbed my neck, I said my prayers,
anticipating pain.
Don’t you dare!” mom called to Joe,
Did you misplace your brain?!

Oh free at last from that galoot. 
Mom offered homemade taffy.
I sunk my teeth in nice and soft,
then mom and I got laughy.

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