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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2008

Jodi AndersonJodi Anderson

Writing: The Anatomy of Grace
Demonstration: Writing Toward Community: Connecting Writing to Real-World Publishing Opportunities (.pdf file)


Lindsey Anerson

Lindsey Anderson

Writing: The Mouse
Demonstration: The Importance of Sharing (.pdf file)


Tom BackenTom Backen

Writing: Soul Portrait (for Kate)
Demonstration: Using Multiple Intelligences in the AP Literature (or Any) English Classroom (.pdf file)

Paul BeveragePaul Beverage

Writing: The Giant Puffball
Demonstration: Establishing a Community of Caring Writers on Day One (.pdf file)


Bob BurtonBob Burton

Writing: Undercurrents
Demonstration: The Golden Thread (.pdf file)


Elizabeth CurranElizabeth Curran

Writing: My Grandma Salome WWGS: What Would Grandma Say?
Demonstration: Working with Difficult Texts (.pdf file)


Pamela DoerrPamela Doerr

Writing: Sitting on the Deck
Demonstration: Pond Poetry; An Outdoor Observational Writing Lesson (.pdf file)


Sean FlemingSean Fleming

Writing: That Awesome Loose Tooth Day
Demonstration: Writing For Justice (or, Mining Life and Notebooks for some Pretty Good Ideas, while Adding some New Stuff) (.pdf file)


Debra HartleyDebra Hartley

Writing: Ancestors Come Home
Demonstration: “What Do You Want Me to Do?” Using One-on-One Conferences to Reinforce Students’ Ownership of Their Writing (.pdf file)


Elisa HolmElisa Holm

Demonstration: Reading & Writing the Self: Social Worlds and Multicultural Literature (.pdf file)


Gretchen HovanGretchen Hovan

Writing: Writing as a Writer
Demonstration: Writing Committees: Using Small Groups and Questioning to Deepen Writing (.pdf file)


Mandy MarekAmanda Marek

Writing: From Grandma's Purse
Crossroads Revisited
Demonstration: Teaching Grammar in the Context of Student Writing (.pdf file)


Susan Perala-DeweySusan Perala-Dewey

Writing: Metamorphous
Damsel Flies
Demonstration: Encouraging Growth & Reflective Practice through Writing History Interview (.pdf file)

Anne SchwalbeAnne Schwalbe

Writing: The Drum
Demonstration: Hip Hop, Slam, and Spoken Word in the Classroom (.pdf file)


Michelle ShawMichelle Shaw

Writing: The Jenson Hotel
Demonstration: "Emotion, Motion, What's Your Motion?" (.pdf file)


Patty SullivanPatty Sullivan

Writing: This Army of Friends
MWP Ride
Demonstration: Assessment: More than Making the Grade (.pdf file)


Chong ThaoChong Thao

Writing: The Way She Tells It
Demonstration: Setting Tone in the Classroom and Incorporating Tone in Student Writing (.pdf file)


Diane Thayer-PetersonDiane Thayer-Peterson

Writing: Receipts
"To Do" List
A Call to Love
Demonstration: Beginning Argumentation through Class Discussion and Debate (.pdf file)
Resource: Sentence Stems for Class Discussions (.pdf file)

Gloria WebberGloria Webber

Writing: Chapter One
Demonstration: Sensory Imagery and the Hero Quest (.pdf file)