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Denise Cote

Denise Cote presenting© 2007

This is the Story of Laura:

You came to us on

A ugust 19, 1993.  You were the very first
B ranch grandchild and the fifth Braun grand-
C hild.  After several hours of labor, you
D ecided that you weren’t going to
E nter the world in the usual way.
F inally, your mom and dad were given the
G reatest gift they could ever
H ave
I magined.  Since that time you’ve brought nothing but
J oy to everyone you meet.  Your
K indness, sincerity, and
L ove never go unnoticed.  School and friends came
N aturally for you because of your
O pen-minded
P ersonality. It is this personality, without
Q uestion, that
R eally makes you as
S weet and special as you are.  My wish for you is to
T ake the mistakes that you’ve made and turn them
U pside down into lessons of life.  I want you to disco-
V er all your talents that God has given you and always
W alk with your head held high.  E-
X perience as much of life as possible, and never be hard on
Y ourself.  When the road gets rocky and starts to
Z ig-zag, follow the path; it will straighten out again.

*This piece was written as a conclusion to an ABC scrapbook/photo album I created for my niece’s 10th birthday.