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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2007

Susan BenjaminSusan Benjamin

Writing: Out of the Ordinary, Chapter 1
Demonstration: Small Poems (.pdf file)



Elizabeth BoeserElizabeth Boeser

Writing and Music Video: Itty Bitty
Demonstration: Postcards: Making Poetry of Sense (.pdf file)


Justin BonnettJustin Bonnett

Writing: Salvation in a Soda Can
Demonstration: Character Development (.pdf file)



Mike BorkaMike Borka

Writing: Passing By
Coin Purse


Denise CoteDenise Cote

Writing: This is the Story of Laura
Demonstration: Enhancing Student Writing Using Technology: Motivating the Reluctant Writer (.pdf file)



Candance DoerrCandance Doerr

Writing: waiting for trains (19 months)
april morning walks (16 months)
Demonstration: Online Role-Play: A Classroom Tool for Perspective Taking and Persuasion (.pdf file)

Barb EverhartBarb Everhart

Writing: The River Flats
Demonstration: Storytelling in the Math Classroom (.pdf file)


Ann JohnsonAnn Johnson

Writing: Motorboat Races
Demonstration: From Transcendentalism to Today: Connecting Ideas Through Multigenre Composition (.pdf file)



Dan KirkhamDan Kirkham

Writing: Hero
Demonstration: Slice of Your Life (.pdf file)

Sherri LarsonSherri Larson

Writing: How Was School Today?
Demonstration: Using Grammar Instruction to Improve Writing (.pdf file)
Brush Strokes Cheat Sheet (.pdf file)



Jennifer LundinJennifer Lundin

Writing: Birdfeeder
Demonstration: Writing with Native American Voice (.pdf file)


Ann MoellerAnn Moeller

Writing: Wigs
Demonstration: “Envelope, Please.” (.pdf file)


Judi PetkauJudi Petkau

Writing: First Thing
Demonstration: Critical Response—A Metacognitive Tool to Support Deeper Understanding of Texts (.pdf file)

Sarah RutledgeSarah Rutledge

Writing: Pine Trees and Memories
Demonstration: Peer Conferencing in the Writing Workshop: Teaching Students to Have Meaningful Discussions About Their Writing (.pdf file)



Ann ThompsonAnn Thompson

Writing: A Mother's Daydream
Demonstration: Collaborative Play Writing in the Middle School Communications Classroom (.pdf file)



Cathy WegenerCathy Wegener

Writing: Terri
Demonstration: Seeing Poems with Poets’ Eyes (.pdf file)