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Kristine Martens

Kristine Martens reading©2006

Chapter 2 ~ The Discovery

“I can’t believe what’s happening to Roy and Velma’s farm,” Brian muttered pedaling from his house along the bike path into the Big Woods Park. 

Spring winds shook the giant oak and maple tree branches above his head. Brian could barely see the blue sky in some places, because the leaves were so thick. Biking through the shade sent a chill through Brian’s body, but he didn’t turn back.

As he followed the bike path deeper into the woods, Brian rode past places where he and his friends had pretended to be Native American boys hunting for rabbits, squirrels, or porcupines among the blooming white and pink trilliums. Brian didn’t see any animals today. He kept riding until he came to a ravine, which marked the border between the park and Roy and Velma’s farm. 

Brian left his bike and climbed down to the creek at the bottom of the ravine. Recent spring rains trickled softly against the rocks. Brian jumped from rock-to-rock, trying not to get his feet wet. When Brian leaped to a smooth, flat stone, he remembered his mom and dad’s warning to watch out for water snakes that sunned themselves on warm days. Thinking about the snakes was usually enough to stop Brian from staying too long in the ravine. But with today’s cool temperatures, he decided the snakes wouldn’t be a problem. s that joke last time. It's not that funny.”

Picture of tree and waterBeep. Beep. Beep. Brian heard dump trucks carrying debris away from Roy and Velma’s farm. Brian picked up the nearest pebbles he could find and angrily threw them downstream. Pop! Crack! The pebbles splashed into the water. Over and over he threw heavier and heavier stones, thinking of how he already missed Roy and Velma’s farm.

Eyeing a perfect moss-covered rock, Brian lifted it and caught a glimpse of something mysterious. A metal piece stuck out of the mud. He tipped the rock just enough to pry it out. It felt heavy, requiring him to hold it with two hands. 

Brian dipped the metal piece into the water and rinsed the mud off. On one end, the metal piece looked like the head of a shovel with a dull point. The other end was jagged and rusty. Brian turned it over and touched two large Ms engraved into the metal. Directly below, he read the words Minneapolis Moline. 

What did I discover? How long has it been here? Brian wondered as he sat down on a nearby tree stump with his discovery.