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Alex Mueller

© 2005

Punica Granatum: Hell’s Melancholy

Heaven and hell in a single bite,
Persephone’s tear drops burst and bleed,
Destroyer of light, the armored breed,
Six months of misery, six seeds of night.|

Misery loves company
And finds April cruel
The dead of Demeter
Rises to light.
He finds his sight sleeping
Obscured by the weeping
And serpentine soil
That grows life and joy
And takes away toil.
Six months of revelry, six seeds of light.

Night illuminates,
Light obfuscates,
When snow fills the creases
The dead queen descends
And fertility ends.
The blood fruit remains,
Dissected and seeded
Bittersweet blood that brings death and life.

Catharsis in a Car

Driving at night is a purgative act.
Windows wide open for the heart broken
Heat blasting condemnations and curses
Tears of lost moments and the failure of friends
Dried and swept into a tornado of rage
Shouting and steering
Eyes glazing, fingers trembling
Reacting to the rhythms of the pounded pavement.
Recognition of wrongs
A singing of songs
Suffering suffused.
Was I being used?