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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2005


Ericka AbleiterEricka Ableiter

Writing: Bedtime Story
Demonstration: Synectics: Creative Metaphors

John AlbrightJohn Albright

Writing: Blues for O'Brien
Demonstration: Writing the Blues


Jen BudenskiJen Budenski

Writing: Women in Art
Demonstration: When I Set My Hat at a Certain Angle: Trying on Zora Neale Hurston’s Voice to Dress-up Prose



Katie BurkeKatie Burke

Writing: Another Brick in the Wall




Dawn Harrison ButlerDawn Harrison Butler

Writing: The Freedom of the Written Word
Demonstration: The Whole Truth—Reflections on The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien


Mara CoyleMara Coyle

Writing: Joyful
Demonstration: If You’re Not…You Can’t Know: Preparation for Writing
Literary Nonfiction from Nonfiction Reading



Elizabeth HillstromElizabeth Hillstrom

Writing: [Untitled]
Demonstration: Where I'm From - Analyzing & Writing Poetry



Elaine JohnsonElaine Johnson

Writing: Gutter Blues
Garter Snakes and Jesus
Demonstration: In My Home: A Handmade House Book with
Student Writing



Ann LindseyAnn Lindsey

Writing: Skinsuit
The United States of Depression
Demonstration: Team GORP: Making Metaphors with Munchies




Terri MartinTerri Martin

Writing: 1935
Demonstration: Stories from the Heart




Jen Waller McDevittJen Waller McDevitt

Writing: Blue Ribbon Parenting
Demonstration: Writing Your Heroic Quest



Tanya MillerTanya Miller

Writing: Hope: A Memoir
Demonstration: Using Similes and Metaphors in Poetry



Alex MuellerAlex Mueller

Writing: Punica Granatum: Hell's Melancholy
Catharsis in a Car
Demonstration: Art in Imitation: Writing an Aristotelian Tragedy



Sharon Cormany OrnelasSharon Cormany Ornelas

Writing: Unkilling Me Softly
Demonstration: Coaching, Conferencing, and Correcting:
Adapting a Writing Workshop for an ESL Classroom



Melissa Castino ReidMelissa Castino Reid

Writing: A Swatch from Sears
Demonstration: Tornado: A Freewriting Activity



Anne SmarjesseAnne Smarjesse

Writing: Reya, Kadono Sensei, The Penis Parade




Lois WilliamsLois Williams

Writing: Hi, Mom. . . See You Later
Demonstration: Evoluation of Thought: Synthesis


Nora WiseNora Wise

Writing: I Am From
Demonstration: Voice Lessons: A Mini-lesson in Syntax