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Elizabeth Hygrell

© 2004

Elizabeth readingGrief

I remember celebrating your graduation, M___.
We were all so proud:  you, your dad and me,
Cameras flashing, smiles reaching from ear to ear
If only you saw your possibilities.

I remember watching you in my class,
Committed to the end, attending every day
Obstacles before you, your steady steps led the way.
If only you saw your strength.

Today, I’m angry at you.
If only you could have seen all the people that are here for you,
If only you could have seen all the lives that grieve because you’re gone,
If only you could have seen hope.


I’m not mad at you, M__
For what you did;  I understand
When hopelessness comes and takes your hand,
You feel great power to complete its plan.

I’m not angry anymore.
For what you did made you feel strong.
To overcome a night that was much too long,
A promise of peace could not be wrong.

I’m angry at hopelessness.
For what you do blinds their eyes
And fills their minds with a string of lies,
Leading them to a sudden demise.

Hope, show your face.
For what you give must not be late
Surround them with a love that’s great
Bless them with your grace.