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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2004

Shelly BertrandShelly Bertrand

Writing: The List
Demonstration: Successful Reading Strategies for ELL Students



JeanMarie BurtnessJeanMarie Burtness

Writing: Now and Then
Demonstration: Combining Sensory Details with Visual Images



Bob CudahyBob Cudahy

Writing: Writing Conundrum
A Winter Walk
Big Stink and Fred Get Scared
Demonstration: Pre-writing Activities for Improving Students' Connection to Literature


Scott HallScott Hall

Writing: Survivor
Demonstration: "Where I'm From" [Poetry writing]



Elizabeth HygrellElizabeth Hygrell

Writing: Grief
Demonstration: Picture a Cave: Cause and Effect



Kirsten JamsenKirsten Jamsen

Writing: A Letter to Students in EngL3751
Demonstration: Hearing the Poetry of Langston Hughes Through the Sounds of Jazz



Jane JohnsonJane Johnson

Writing: Backyard Battles
Demonstration: Active Reading: Finding a Conversation Voice



Jill McKennaJill McKenna

Writing: Inheritance
Demonstration: Scaffolding a Reading/Writing Lesson



Ann Marie MershonAnn Marie Mershon

Writing: Maggie—Day One



Susan MilesSusan Miles

Writing: A Life Lesson in Cub Foods
Demonstration: Memories in a Shoebox



Alex MuellerAlex Mueller

Writing: A Medieval Meditation on Fatherhood
Demonstration: Using Protocols for Professional Development, Writing Instruction, and Text-Based Discussions



Ann SteffensAnn Steffen

Writing: Celina's Story: Leaving New York City on the Orphan Train
Demonstration: Using 'Four-Square' as a Tool to Organize Thoughts and Clarify Thinking



Deb WaageDeb Waage

Writing: Bears and Blank Pages
Demonstration: Strategies for Pre-reading, During Reading & After Reading