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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2003

Micheal BowlusMichael Bowlus

Writing: Morning Song
Demonstration: From Memoir to Expository Writing with Advanced English Language Learners (.pdf file)


Jessica BreedJessica Breed

Writing: How to Win Friends and Write Stories
Demonstration: Developing Fluency (.pdf file)



Ann BrowningAnn Browning

Writing: The Cloth



Katie CarlinKatie Carlin

Writing: Touch
Demonstration: Literary Analysis: The Group Essay (.pdf file)



Anne CeronskyAnne Ceronsky

Writing: By Any Other Name Would Sound as Sweet
Demonstration: The Art of Creating a Character Using a Press Conference (.pdf file)


Jane DavinJane Davin

Writing: Here I Am Without a Pencil
Demonstration: Trek Across America (.pdf file)



Mike FloresMike Flores

Writing: What is Worth Remembering?
Demonstration: Writing about What You Know How to Do or Make (.pdf file)
Student Example (.pdf file)


Janelle HallbergJanelle Hallberg

Writing: Soul Fields
Demonstration: Developing Editing & Style Through Sentence Combining (.pdf file)


Rita JollyRita Jolly

Writing: Coming Back Home
Demonstration: Bag Stories (.pdf file)



Kim LindellKim Lindell

Writing: the lucky witness of the MWP



Karyn MickelsonKaryn Mickelson

Writing: how do I tell you?
Demonstration: Creative Characterization (.pdf file)



Karen NollKaren Noll

Writing: Ella
Demonstration: Boundaries That Inspire: The Sestina (.pdf file)



Amy RandallAmy Randall

Writing: I Stood in Silence
Demonstration: Everyone Can Write Poetry (.pdf file)



Christine VeLure RoholtChristine VeLure Roholt

Writing: If the Wedding Dress Could Speak...
Demonstration:  Writer's Notebook and Haiku (.pdf file)



Joanne ToftJoanne Toft

Writing: Doing Literacy
Demonstration:  ArtWords: Writing about Art, Then and Now (.pdf file)



Robyn VanHornRobyn VanHorn

Writing: Immortality Can Be Fatal
Demonstration:  Focusing on Imagery through Your Senses (.pdf file)



Margaret WarnemundeMargaret Warnemunde

Writing: Yesterday and Today
Demonstration: Writing in Math Class (.pdf file)