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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2002

Anna BarkerAnna Barker

Action Research: How to Help Students Be More Successful on Writing Tests
Creative Writing: A Pleasure to Be Sad
Demonstration: What do You See?

Jane BernauerJane Bernauer

Action Research: Teaching Technical Writing in the Family and Consumer Sciences Classroom
Creative Writing: Three Quilts
Demonstration: Tech Writing in the Sewing Lab

Ann BrowningAnn Browning

Creative Writing: Deacon Blues (A Work in Progress)


Mara CoreyMara Corey

Action Research: : Peer Conferencing
Creative Writing: Two Poems—Summer Squall and Ambition's Steps
Demonstration: Personification and Parsley: Beautifying Your Writing Without Ruining the Flavor


Lu CurtisLu Curtis

Action Research: Parent Involvement at the Middle School Level
Creative Writing: A Better Way
Demonstration: Memory/Bare Book



Sharon LapenskySharon Lapensky

Action Research: Feng Shui and the Arrangement of a Library Media Center
Creative Writing: Four Poems (Part One—West, Part Two—East, Mask in the Mirror, Tranquility)
Kids' Play
Demonstration: Beyond The Boring: Writing with Primary Students


Mary Palmer LillyMary Palmer Lilly

Action Research: Supporting ESL Learners in Writing
Creative Writing: Family
Demonstration: The Idea Web: A Graphic Organizer for Collecting Ideas


Anne LoweAnne Lowe

Action Research: Stress and Teaching
Creative Writing: Violin Lessons
Demonstration: How to get ELL students to add more detail to their writing


Phil MartinPhil Martin

Action Research: Encouraging a Love for Literature at an Early Age
Professional Writing: Expanding a Campus-Wide Service Learning Center
Demonstration: Using Lumber to Help Students Avoid Fragments and Fused Sentences


Marci MyersMarci Myers

Action Research: Using the Six Traits
Creative Writing: The Apple Tree
Demonstration: Narrative


Mary Cathryn RickerMary Cathryn Ricker

Action Research: Uncovering the Naturalist Writer in Middle School
Creative Writing: Two Poems (Mt. Hood Loop and This Is the Place)
Demonstration: Legal Fireworks: Barry Lane's Exploding the Moment, Or
How to Truly Make your Writing da bomb


Paul SchmitzPaul Schmitz

Action Research: Helping Students with Dyslexia in the High School English Classroom
Creative Writing: The Wall
Demonstration: Let Public Speaking Set the Tone


Kari SortumKari Sortum

Action Research: Improving Spelling Instruction
Creative Writing: Claude
Demonstration: Extra! Extra! Read all about it! A unit on newspaper writing


Edie StearnsEdie Stearns

Action Research: Why Can't My 5th Graders Spell?
Creative Writing: Regrets (An Excerpt)
Demonstration: The MCA Writing Test: Detriment or Delight? Choose Your Attitude