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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2001


Julie AngermeyrJulie Angermeyr

Action Research: Literature Study
Creative Writing: Milking Time


Karla Suzanne BarteKarla Suzanne Barte

Action Research: Creating a Bond and Enhancing Relationships With Parents and Teachers of Non-Native English Language Learners (ELL): A Collaborative Effort
Creative Writing: There You Were


Catherine BonaventuraCatherine Bonaventura

Action Research: Incorporating Multiple Intelligence and Brain Research into the active classroom
Creative Writing: Windless Whispers



Melissa BorgmannMelissa Borgmann

Action Research: Student Collaboration through E-mail
Article on this project from The Christian Science Monitor
Creative Writing: Scotch Sundays


Virginia CarstensVirginia Carstens

Action Research: High Stakes Testing and Performance Standards
Creative Writing: Samantha Josephine Washburn


Lisa ChristenLisa Christen

Action Research: Publishing in the Elementary Schools: Creating A Real Audience for Elementary School Writers
Creative Writing: Lady of the Lake


Nancy GladesNancy Glades

Action Research: Do Boys and Girls Learn Differently in Challenge Writing Groups?
Creative Writing: Elledge's Rules


Joy HansonJoy Hanson

Action Research: Connecting White, Suburban Students to Multicultural Literature: Making Multicultural Literature Valuable
Article on this project from The Christian Science Monitor
Creative Writing: Nanzen-ji: Five Centuries of Peace


Penny JudsonPenny Judson

Action Research: How will direct instruction in prewriting strategies affect the quality of written products and student attitude toward their writing?
Creative Writing: Silently Waiting


Stacey KadrmasStacey Kadrmas

Action Research: Establishing a Readers' and Writers' Workshop
Creative Writing: Outside Rooms


Becky RamgrenBecky Ramgren

Action Research: Writing in Mathematics—An Important Connection
Creative Writing: Ordinary Sacred
Holocaust Memorial—Boston, MA
The Fourth of July

Kelli SchusterKelli Schuster

Action Research: Dialogue Journals


Tracy SmithTracy Smith

Action Research: Small Learning Communities
Creative Writing: Importance of Regularity in Writing
My Childhood Friend


Cathy StampsCathy Stamps

Action Research: Emotional Intelligences and Brain Research
Creative Writing: Crazy Love


Jill ThomasJill Thomas

Action Research: Prose Modeling
Creative Writing: Bliss


Joyce VanderscheurenJoyce Vanderscheuren

Action Research: Creating a Writing Assessment to Help a Public Relations Firm Select New Employees
Creative Writing: Whooping Cough Story


Rachel VanWykRachel VanWyk

Action Research: Writing Portfolios
Creative Writing: I am from...


Linda VarvelLinda Varvel

Action Research: Teaching Reading Strategies More Visibly, Inventively, and Thoroughly
Creative Writing: Plain Women
Homefront, Iowa, 1950s

Penny VickPenny Vick

Action Research: Keypals E-Mail Dialogue Journal. 4th Grade Students. and a Parent/Mentor
Creative Writing: Open the Door
Ol' Time Courtin'