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Do Authentic Writing Environments in Nursing (AWE in Nursing) improve student learning outcomes?
Melissa Horning, Anne Chevalier McKechnie, Barbara Beacham, Laura Kirk, and Patrick Dean, School of Nursing


"It's Going to be Otherized": Doctoral Students of Color and Questions of Writerly Voice
Noro Andriamanalina and Jasmine Kar Tang, Office for Diversity in Graduate Education

Supporting Metadiscourse in Ideational Writing
Bodong Chen and Cassandra Scharber, Curriculum & Instruction


Understanding the Collaborative Construction of an Urban High School Writing Center: Sustainability, Interdisciplinarity, and Connected Learning
Cynthia Lewis, Stephanie Rollag, and Erin Stutelberg, Curriculum & Instruction

Writing Crime: Student Perceptions of Crime
Joshua Page, Sociology, and Mary Jo Wiatrak-Uhlenkott, Writing Studies


Evaluating Interactive Diagramming as a Mode of Writing in the Social Sciences
Valentine Cadieux, Sociology and Geography; Demetri Debe, History; and Ruth Styles, Geography

Developing Writing Skills in French: On Campus and Study Abroad
Heidi Soneson, Learning Abroad Center, and LeeAnne Godfrey, Curriculum & Instruction

See resulting publication in Foreign Language Annals 47, no 1 (2014): 48–65, “Change in French Second Language Writing in Study Abroad and Domestic Contexts.” (abstract | pdf)


Does Our WEC Work? Measuring the Efficacy of an Interdisciplinary Writing-Enriched Curriculum
Marcia D. Nichols, S. Rebecca Bamford, Robert L. Dunbar, and Xavier Prat-Resina, Center for Learning Innovation, University of Minnesota–Rochester

Composition Ecology: Writing Our Way out of Crisis
Mark Pedelty, Journalism

Beyond Print: Writing About Talking
Amy Sheldon, Communication Studies

Designers and Artists Write: Revealing Writing’s Presence in the Creative Process
Virajita Singh, Center for Sustainable Building Research

Earlier recipients

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