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Pamela Flash

photo of pamela flashAs Director of Writing Across the Curriculum, I work closely with faculty members, graduate teaching assistants, and affiliate instructors as they endeavor to integrate effective and relevant writing instruction into diverse courses across graduate and undergraduate curricula. My approach is to begin with instructors' context-specific concerns (disciplinary forms and purposes of writing, specific course goals, circumstantial constraints, teaching styles, and so forth) and then to generate models of writing instruction well-suited to these concerns. Current venues for these discussions include one-to-one consultations, departmental discussions, workshops on teaching concerns, and “Teaching with Writing,” an annual, week-long seminar for faculty. 

As founding Director of the Writing-Enriched Curriculum (WEC) program, I offer undergraduate departments an intensive, faculty-driven approach for strengthening relevant writing and writing instruction within undergraduate curricula.

As Co-Director of the Center for Writing, I have a chance to work collectively with brilliant and energetic colleagues to research and support effective writing and writing instruction at the University.

My research, publications, and presentations focus on writing pedagogy, composition theory, activity theory, discourse communities, and the use of qualitative research methods (particularly collaborative action research and ethnographic research) to enable pedagogic change on individual, departmental, and institutional levels.